The First International Fruit Lovers On-line Summit took place in 2006. The event spontaneously initiated itself on-line in April 2006 and since then has grown into a bright idea to connect fruit lovers from all over the world and educate us about the benefits of a fruit-plentiful raw food diet. We warmly thank all the participants for their wonderful contributions!

About the Summit:

The idea of the Summit was first suggested on the 7th of April 2006, on-line. Dr Gosia O'Reilly started this and volunteered to get it going, but she does not want to think of it as her idea. She believes in collective consciousness.Shes hopes that this Summit will increase a global awarness about the benefits of fruit-based raw diet. There are already a number of various fruit-supporting websites out there, and she is hoping that a united effort will help in making a stronger point about the benefits of eating fruit.

Why on-line? So that anyone interested can participate. It is easy and cheap to connect through means such as emails, forums and other electronic means. You can participate by adding your name to the list of participants and offering a contribution (a paragraph, a link, an audio, any form is welcome).

Note to the 2006 Summit participants: Effort is made to ensure that appropriate links are provided for every participant. Please let Gosia know if this information is incomplete or could be improved.

Next Fruit Lovers On-line Summit will be announced in due course. Your ideas and suggestions in relation to the shape of the future Summit are most welcome. Contact Gosia  at gosiaoreilly-rawsummit (at) to share your ideas. Please have "Fruit Lovers Summit" in the message title, for easy identification. Thank you very much for your support!

The Goals:
  • To unite the fruit lovers
  • To develop a set of easy guideliness for the raw foodists/health enthusiasts
  • To support raw foodists transitioning to a fruit based diet
  • To highlight the remarkable success in achieving perfect health associated with this lifestyle

Components of the Optimum Lifestyle:
  • Fruit-plentiful raw vegan diet
  • Plenty of exercise
  • Plenty of rest
  • Plenty of sunshine
  • Lots of laughter
  • Creative expression
  • Fresh air/ Clean water
  • Emotional poise
  • Community and Friendship

Not Optimal for One's Health:
  • Routine supplementation
  • Superfoods, herbs, spices
  • Medications
  • Stress
  • Negativity
Tips on Transitioning to Raw Roods:
  • Eat foods you love
  • Focus on having fun
  • Take it easy, avoid perfectionism, you will eventually get there!

Contributions by Fruit Loving Educators:

The Four Major Warning Signs of Eating Insufficient Quantities of Fresh Fruit
by Dr. Doug Graham
1. If you ever crave sweets at the end of any meal, you have undereaten of sufficient sweetness from fresh fruit at the beginning of that meal.
2. If you ever desire heavy foods (avocado, nuts, seeds, etc.) at the end of a meal, you have undereaten of sufficient sweetness from fresh fruit at the beginning of that meal.
3  If at any time of day you wish to consume refined sugars such as candy, alcohol, chocolate, cakes, or dried fruit, you have undereaten of sufficient sweetness from fresh fruit at the preceding meal.
4. If at any time you are willing to even consider starchy foods (bread, rice, potatoes, corn, pasta, etc) as a source of sustenance, you have undereaten of sufficient sweetness from fresh fruit at the preceding meal.
The solution, in all four instances, is to eat fresh fruit.
Learn from your experiences. Eat sufficiently of fresh fruit and all food cravings will cease. OF course, continue to eat all the fresh tender greens that you care for, as well.

A paragraph from an upcoming book
by Dr. Vivian Vetrano

"Throughout many years, fruitophobia has frequently cropped up for myriad spurious reasons.  Today, newspapers, medical societies, state and city health boards as well as some alternative care practitioners caution everyone about fructose and excess sugary fruits because these are thought to cause cardiovascular disease.  The fructose in natural foods does not raise the triglyceride level.  If fructose, sucrose, and excess sugar did cause a rise in the blood triglycerides, it would not matter anyway because neither high triglyceride nor high Cholesterol levels are causes of arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis, as you will learn by reading the following Laws of Life."

Raw Food Myths Exposed
Roger Haeske interviews Dr. Tim Trader.
Listen to these excellent audio interviews at
Topics covered
  1. Can someone on a Low-Fat, Raw Vegan Diet build big muscles?
  2. Where do you get your protein? Detailed answer.
  3. If the raw food diet is the healthiest and most perfect diet, why are most raw foodists on supplements?
  4. There is conjecture on eating a high fruit diet, is it really safe?
  5. Are there any dangers of eating too much fat, even if it is raw?
  6. Why do so many raw foodists have problems with their diet, degenerating health after a prolonged time on the diet or they can never fully engulf the diet and end up binging or at least heavily tempted?
  7. Why did some of the early Hygienists have health problems?

How To Relieve Arthritis and Joint Pain Through Eating Fruit Meals
by Justin Lelia

Surveys and statistics from the prominent health agencies in America show that 1 out of 36 Americans choose to change their diet in order to relieve themselves from pain.  Not including medical treatments, the most popular forms of therapy, treatment, or practices people use (in order) are prayer, prayer for others, natural products like echinacea, deep breathing, group prayer, and chiropractic.  Many fruit eaters and raw fooders, like myself, wonder why more people don't increase their fruit consumption and eliminate the cooking process all together.  Is that people don't like fruit?  One problem is that people do not hear enough that fruit is a food that we can eat by itself as a meal.  People use fruit to snack on, but as we eat meals of ripe fruit it becomes apparent that the pain of arthritis, (one of the largest reasons people seek care) decreases remarkably.  Bananas make good meals because they are inexpensive, can be ripened at home, are readlily available, and delicious.  An average active male will need between 9-11 ripe bananas, if eating three meals a day, to be satisfied.Feel free to contact Justin Lelia at to learn more on how to relieve arthritis and joint pain through eating fruit meals.

Can We Trust Our Senses to Choose Our Foods For Us?
by Nora Lenz

The idea of "listening” to our bodies is usually represented as some kind of mysterious, subliminal communication that happens between body, brain and "soul", and which suddenly awakens when we go raw. Where food selection is concerned, what's really going on is much more self-evident than that, and is not mysterious at all.  After all, infants are much better "listeners" than any of us, so how complicated can it be?

Because of the array of unhealthy foods offered to us by civilization, we need to pare our choices down to the correct range of foods:  fruit, greens and nuts/seeds.  After that’s done, our bodies are fully capable of choosing the proper foods. 

Listening to our bodies means acknowledging the link between the favorable responses we get from seeing, smelling, tasting and consuming certain foods and the functions that those foods serve in the body. In other words, what looks, tastes, smells and "feels" good really IS good. By the same token, if we taste a food and it tastes awful, that's an indication that the body will have difficulty digesting it.

During our long development as a species, our senses were the only tools we had for selecting foods, and they are perfectly suited to that task. Although it’s true that a lifetime of eating unhealthy foods means our senses may not be 100% reliable, fortunately nature is forgiving and doesn't require anything to be 100% perfect.  We can make huge strides toward optimal health by eating only what we like, even in transition.  If certain sub-optimal raw foods taste good it might be because they remind us of cooked foods we used to eat, or they might cause our bodies enough difficulty in processing that the uncomfortable feelings that we’ve mistaken for “hunger” are stopped.*   That’s why new raw fooders often start out eating lots of complex ‘bridge’ foods.  These foods play an important role in transition, but they typically lose their appeal as healing proceeds.  When the taste buds recover from the previous use of toxic irritants like spices and salt, they become more responsive and sensitive to the comparatively subtle flavors in foods like fruit and tender greens. 

For all the attention that is given to vitamins and minerals, sugar and water are what humans need most of.  Our bodies know that fresh, whole, ripe fruit offers both in perfect quantity and proportion.  Fruit is our #1 food, and we can know this without watching primate documentaries.  Our senses can be trusted!

* For a full explanation of real versus ‘false’ hunger, please see

The Optimal Fuel for Human Performance
by Bradley Saul

Fruit is truly the optimal fuel for human performance.  Ripe in carbohydrates, protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and a trove of other nutrients, fruit supplies the body with the nutrition it needs to perform at its max.  Of the problems I've seen and experienced with highly active people transitioning to a fruit-based diet is consuming enough fuel.  It's a mindset that goes from eating 1 or 2 bananas as a snack to 8-12 bananas as a meal.  Once that bridge is crossed, you're on your way to eating a healthy diet of as much fruit as you desire along with plenty of vegetable matter.

(Bradley Saul is a superbly-conditioned 100% raw vegan cyclist and founder of Organic Athlete.)

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!
by The Fruitarian One

Your like a mystical, magical, myth, yet everybody knows of your existance
though I must admit in the past of you I always kept my distance

What is it about your mere presence that has people so wary
is it your purity that intimidates or your simplicity that's so scary

You came into my life like a knight in shining armour
you chased away pain and fought off my addictions and made my essence calmer

You changed my life for the better just by being you
but why is it so hard to share my greatest discovery, I have no clue

You've blessed me with a new vitality so I can live another day
now if I had the chance I wouldn't live any other way

We seem to be a match made in heaven because they say you are what you eat
I know this to be true because I did indeed act like an animal when I ate meat

You give me insights so I can spread the word and be a crusader
but people pay me no mind, all they care about is burnt cows, fried chickens,Star Wars 3 and Darth Vader

Still to many your healing power remains a mystical mystery
but I vow to spread the word because without you I would surely be history

So from this day on I'll sing with my best voice from the rooftops and say
Hey!!!!! I'm a Fruitarian ya know so hip hip hooray!

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"The 80/10/10 Diet"
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"Your Natural Diet: Alive Raw Foods"
by Dr. T. C. Fry and David Klein

"The Great Fruitarian Debate! Between T. C. Fry and Dr. Ralph Cinque"
by T. C. Fry

"Superior Nutrition"
by Dr. Herbert Shelton

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