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Gosia's story

My approach to a raw food diet is to follow my instincts as well as to apply critical thinking. In my view, using an approach that does not enage either of these two factors, is less than optimal and can lead to problems in the long term.

Human body is a very complex mechanism, with dietary needs that can be unpredictable and change in time. It is also a self-regulating mechanism that sends strong signals of its needs, which should not be ignored.

Learning from other people's experiences can be helpful. Nevertheless, education, rational thinking, and a healthy level of discerment are also necessary.

In the era of information sharing that we observe, there are many scammers, quacks, or simply misguded people offerring various fad diets and unverifed cures on the Internet. Beware of those.

This lifestyle is my own experiment that I share with you. If you require a professional advice on nutrition, please contact a registered professional. Ultimately, listen to your body needs. Be your own guru.

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