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Interview with Steve Carlson

(October 2004)

Interview with RawGuru
(May 2004)

True hunger interview with durianrider
(June 2008)

"The best source of sugar for the body is sweet fruits–grapes, dates, bananas, figs, raisins, etc. These sugars come to us almost pre-digested and well-balanced with minerals and vitamins. These fruits are wholesome, natural, delicious and are full of life-sustaining qualities. No cook, confectioner or manufacturer can even remotely imitate these delicious products of nature’s solar-vital laboratory. Sweet fruits are superior to starches as a source of carbohydrates. Man is a sub-tropical animal and his craving for sweets is, undoubtedly, a survival of his habit of subsisting largely on the sweet fruits which grow so abundantly in the sub-tropics and tropics." (Herber Shelton)
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