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Alex, known as RawGuru, is a talented raw food chef. In my view, he is a genius in this area. He has created countless delicious recipes and has generously shared many of them with other fellow raw foodists on several forums. Alex is the only raw foodist that I do not oppose being called a raw guru!

This is an interview that I posted on 05/11/2004 at the forum created by Alex at Raw food chat. Alex (RawGuru) kindly agreed to answer my questions. So, here we go.

Interview with RawGuru

LivingGoddess: I have a number of questions that I would like to ask you, Alex, and would really appreciate if you spent time answering them! First of all, congratulations on your boards. We were missing your divine presence, for not too long, luckily. My personal focus has been shifting more and more towards the area of creating recipes, where your talents are simply cherished. Now, to the questions.

I am guessing that you find yourself creating most of the time and your mind is drifting off towards the new ideas many times of the day. Is my guess correct?

RawGuru: You got it! I have many thoughts and ideas on how to make this raw community better. My problem is that I have too many of these ideas and want to do them all at once and when I do, I leave a lot of them unfinished. For example my raw tooth care products, my personal site, a nd some other things. My main focus now is my upcoming book. I am working really hard to make it perfect.

LivingGoddess: What drives you? Is it the joy from the experience of creating something delicious that others just love?

RawGuru: My main drive is people. It is the smiles and praise I get from them that keeps me going!

LivingGoddess: How long does it take for your mind to come up with a new idea for a recipe? What was your record time?

RawGuru: About instantly. I enjoy reading old cook books a nd getting ideas from them. I read a really good cooked recipe and automatically think, "How can I make this raw?" and so on.

LivingGoddess: What is your favourite recipe?

RawGuru: I dont really have one, I like them all because they are so different. Personally, I rarely use recipes, I just throw things together and hope for the best. hehe. No, I like to create food with balance in taste and texture. So, any recipe that has those components get's my vote!

LivingGoddess: Do you think that it is likely that one day the raw foodists will amount to at least 30% of the world population?

RawGuru: I don't doubt it. I think we will have more and more every year until everyone becomes a raw foodist!

LivingGoddess: How do you feel about the natural hygiene? Is it the perfect place to be or is it an unnecessary extreme?

RawGuru: I think in today's society it is a little too much. If I was living in a pristine environment with an abundance of ripe fruits and veggies I would go for it.

LivingGoddess: When exactly is your book coming? Is it by any chance before August (I am planning for it to be my birthday gift)? How many recipes will be in it?

RawGuru: It will take a couple months. I do not have an exact date. The book is almost ready. I still need to touch up a few things and then I will get it published. I will have about 200+ recipes. Half or more of them are simple, the other half is complex.

LivingGoddess: Do you accept the fact that not everyone thinks that David Wolfe is great? Would you ban a person from the boards for mentioning his plagiarism many times?

RawGuru: I do accept that. Everyone has the right to their own opionion. I would not ban a person for that. Why should I? This board belongs to the members not just me. If they think it is necessary to ban them, then I will.

LivingGoddess: Thanks a lot for your time!

RawGuru: Thanks LivingGoddess for this great interview! I really enjoyed it!

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