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2016 update: I regret to report that I no longer wish to promote or recommend Harley (durianrider) or Leanne (Freelee). The recent incident in relation to Ashlee Savins cemented this resolve. Harley calling a battered 19-year-old female victim of domestic abuse a "dumb bitch" and a "loser" is insulting, uneducated, and completely unacceptable. Unfortunately, this incident is only a tip of an iceberg of abusive, unethical and misogynistic patterns. I first realized about the scale of issues around these two in 2012. You can read about the details here. My message to all the observers - stop
condoning, enabling and participating in this behavior, do not be part of the problem.

Consequently, I decided to remove the interview, leaving only my introductory notes on true hunger below.

Hunger. People entering raw foods discover a new meaning of it. It was quite a surprise for me to discover that the feeling of full tummy which we experience after eating cooked foods, contrary to what I believed for many years, is not the sign of being saciated.  Rather, it is the sign of stomach overburdened by hard to digest foods. And, the pain in my stomach, is not the sign of hunger but detox. After eating raw foods for a while, I learned that after eating raw meal, my tummy still feels light, yet I do feel satisfied (and no longer want any food). Hunger is very similar to the feeling of being thirsty, and it can be felt in the throat, rather than in the stomach. With this is associated a gentle desire to eat foods, rather than an intensive urge to eat something right here and now.

In my fourth year of raw, I realized that I feel much much better when I eat when I am truly hungry, and that I had been overeating in the past. So, I decided to pay attention to this component of my lifestyle. For example, I noticed that I really do not feel hungry until about midday. This tells me that my body does not need any food in the morning.

How do you know when you're no longer hungry when you eat raw? I know that I am no longer hungry when I lose the desire for foods. When food I eat suddenly loses its appeal and does not taste as good as at the start of the meal, it is the sign for me to stop eating.

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