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Raw 2006 photos:

We store our fruit on the table, under the table, in baskets.
We like shelled nuts. They taste better than the other type and cracking them is fun!
(We keep the greens in the fridge.)

We use a glass jar with some rotting fruit in it and a paper cone
to keep the fruit flies away (we release them in our garden).
How does this work?
Well, the flies can easily get in the jar through the paper cone,
but they do not know how to get out!
(Make sure to release them frequently, otherwise they will multiply in the jar. )

Julia loves peaches,

zuccini noodles (minus avo), mangoes and other fruit.

I love black-muscat grapes.

We store the nuts in jars. (Our juicer is hardly ever used.)

We buy bananas by boxes.

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