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Blended fruit delights:

In August 2004 I managed to convert my children from a dull cornflakes-and-soya-milk breakfast to a delicious banana smoothie! If you are wondering what to give your children for breakfast, try this recipe.
Banana-raspberry smoothie:
To make 4 cups of smoothie, in a blender blend
  • 1 cup of water,
  • 4 fresh dates (or dried dates, soaked overnight)
  • a large handful of raspberries, and
  • as many bananas as you need to make a total of 4 cups of liquid ( this could be, depending on the size, up to 10!).
Simply increase the amount of ingredients, if you want to make more than 4 cups of smoothie. My blender can handle up to 7 cups of smoothie.

My 13-year-old son, my husband and I each need 3 cups of smoothie to fill up, my 4-year-old daughter needs from 1 to 1 and 1/2 cups.

Try this with blueberries, strawberries or some other fruit. It is absolutely delicious and satisfying! I recently tried this with one mango, instead of raspberries. Mmm mmm mmm...

Yummy smoothie combinations:
* bananas, 2-3 mangoes, water
* bananas, paw-paw, water
* bananas, figs, water
* bananas, a handful of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, water
* bananas,
a handful of raspberries, water
* pears, a handful of raspberries, water

Process (in a food processor) your favourite fruit/fruit combination.

Peel bananas.
Freeze them.
Process them in a food processor until creamy.

Add some dates/nuts/carob (during processing).
Use some frozen raspberries/blueberries or both.
Decorate the ice-cream with fresh strawberries, or make a strawberry sauce by blending them with some dates/raisins.

Banana-blueberry-raspberry icecream. This is my son's favourite. He used to love icecream since ... he tried one. Naturally, the fake one made from milk was not good for him. As far as the one above is concerned, he can have it any time. And, he is having it!

Banana pancakes:
Process (in a food processor)
  • bananas, to make 4 cups of mush,
and, seperately, grind
  • 1 c flax seeds.
Blend the two ingredients. Form small round patties on slightly greased teflex sheet and dehydrate overnight in a dehydrator. No need for flipping. Serve warm for breakfast. This is one of my daughter's favourites.

You can serve them with some creammy topping, made, for example, from macademias, raisins and water, processed.

Fruit jelly:

Process (in a food processor) your favourite fruit/fruit combination with psyllium husks (about 4-6 T per 4 cups of fruit mush). For example,
  • figs,
  • raspberries,
  • strawberries,
processed (in a food processor), to make 4 cups of mush, and then processed with
  • 5 T psyllium husks,
and decorated with fruit.
Make a fruit jelly on a crust made from nuts and dates. Delicious!

Apple-strawberry juice:
Juice green apples.
Add strawberries and blend (with a hand mixer).
(No photo, because it's all gone)

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