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Sweet treats:

Coconut heaven:
(Be warned. These are morish. You might want to eat more and more of them.)

In a food processor, blend
  • 2 c dry grated coconut.
Then, add
  • 1/4 c raisins and
  • 20 dates,
and blend till sticky. Form little flat cookies. Keep in a container.


Blend, in a food processor,
  • 1/2 c almonds
  • 1/2 walnuts
  • 1/4 raisins
  • 20 dates,
until slightly chewy.  Put in a rectangular container and cut up into small pieces.

Make a sweet carob sauce by first blending 1/2 c raisins with carob (from 1 T to no more than about 1/2 c of carob, depending on how sweet/bitter you want it to be), and then adding 1-2 T coconut butter and blending till smooth.

Cover chewies with the sauce and dip in grated coconut.
Hint: I do it on a plate, using knife and my fingers. It can be quite messy!


(One of the lamingtons has been cut in half.)

Sweet carob treats

Process in a food processor
  • 1 c soaked, and then drained and dried, almonds (measure before soaking), and
  • 1 c walnuts.
Then, add
  • 3 or more T carob***
and process till well mixed. Finally, add
  • 1/4 raisins and
  • 20 dates,
and process till sticky but still a little crumbly. Form little rounds or balls. Makes about 30.

LAZY Sweet carob treats:
As above, but do not soak the almonds.

VERY LAZY and VERY Sweet carob treats:
As above, but use 2 c walnuts (no almonds), 40 dates (instead of 20) and a good handful of raisins, and process it all together. Nice and crunchy.

As above, but a different shape ha ha ha! You know what I mean, naturally. :)

*** In 2004, as I become more sensitive to various toxins in foods, I discovered that cocoa is a powerful stimulant, which negatively affects my sleep. I recommend that you use carob.

Carob chewies:
Process in a food processor
  • just under 1 c almonds,
then add
  • just under 1 c walnuts,
and process till smooth.  Next, add
  • a handful of raisins,
  • 4 heaped T carob, and
  • 40 dates,
and blend. Add again
  • 40 dates
and blend till chewy. Put in a container, flatten up, cut up and then eat when desired.

I wrap the chewies in colorful celophane, and call them lollies!

As above, but a different name lol!

Gosia's Easy Halva 1: NEW
Grind (in a coffee grinder, 1/4 c at a time)
  • 1 c sesame seeds.
Put the ground seeds in the food processor and process them with
  • 20 dates,
until sticky.
Form small balls and put in a container.

Halva 2:
1. Grind, seperately:
  • 1 c (unhulled is the best) sesame seeds,
  • 2/3 c golden flax seeds.
2. Put the ground seeds in the food processor and process them with
  • a handful of raisins,
  • 15 or less dates,
until it just starts to stick together.

Wrap small hundfulls of halva in paper.

Halva 3:
As above, but add dried mango in the step 2, and blend till chewy. Form balls and keep in a container.

Gosia's Amazing Chocolate:
I wanted to create a chocolate recipe that is completely vegan (honey-free) and does not use any extract-like sweeteners (agave etc.) and still has the smooth texture like chocolate should have. I came up with the following recipe. Julia absolutely adores it. This chocolate dissolves in your mouth.
Process in a food processor
  • 40 dates,
  • a handful of rasins
  • 2-3 T carob.
The mixture will stick together and form a big ball. To this, gradually add
  • 2-3 T coconut butter,
and process until well combined (it will be gooey and sticky). Place the mixture in a shallow dish, press with your fingers, smooth out any bumps with a spoon, put in the fridge until it sets slightly so that it is easy to cut. Cut it up into small squares but do not seperate yet. Put in the fridge again until well set and then sepearate the squares if you wish. Or, cut up the pieces as you need them. Keep refridgerated or it will get soft.

Coconut Chocolate:
As above, but first, blend a cup of
* grated coconut.
This will make a nice, coconut tasting sweet. Superb!

Chocolate Mousse: 
Easy. Process in a food processor:
  • 40 dates,
  • a handful of raisins,
  • 2-3 T carob,
then add
  • 4 avocadoes
and process till smooth.

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