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Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow.
(Swedish proverb)
Only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty.
(Sicilian proverb)
Your friend is that man who knows all about you, and still likes you.
(Elbert Hubbard)
You can always tell a real friend; when you've made a fool of yourself he doesn't feel you've done a permanent job.
(Laurence J. Peter)
Friends are family you choose for yourself.

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Day 18 (1 April):
black Muscatel grapes, watermelon,
black Muscatel grapes, big bunch of baby spinach (just like that), watermelon, peas.

Fat intake: no overt fats.

Day 19 (2 April):
black Muscatel grapes, watermelon, baby spinach (yummo!), dates.

Fat intake: no overt fats.

Observations: Yesterday Luke noticed that I smelled beautifully. Today, I am stinky again. I wonder. The last two days I had no overt fats. Then last night, I had some thawed frozen-peas. Would this account for my stinky breath, or is this just part of the detox that I am going through? I noticed a slight headache as well, which is something that I experience once in how many years? Also, I have been wondering what contribution could have had me eating some tahini earlier on. There is no other way to find out but to stick to avoid peas and tahini for a while, and see what happens.

Day 20 (3 April):
banana smoothie, yellow grapes, mixed greens, banana smoothie.

Fat intake: no overt fats.

The hardest part of this trial is recording the food intake! As far as the photos, I decided that I will download them (if I can make it work) once I get some "after" photos as well.

Observations: I recorded my weight today, it is 48 kg, which is 1 kg less than my last record. This does not mean much though, as my weight fluctuates about that much
anyway. Whether I lost any fat it is hard to tell at this stage. I took the photos of my fat deposits (ha ha), so in a while I will do it again and then I will be able to tell. I had a go at mixed greens today, without any dressing (like I did with spinach), but they did not taste so well. I could clearly tell that some of them were too bitter and I did not like them. Lesson learned. Dressing can disguise the true taste of foods. I prefer the spinach without the dressing anyway. Earlier on, I observed  that eating spinach without the dressing (fat) results in me eating more of it than I would do usually. On the same note, I think that eating less fat in general, results in me eating more of the good stuff that gives my body nutrients it needs. As far as the thawed frozen-peas, Uma's and Sarah's suggestion makes sense. Starchy (and possibly not so raw) peas that I ate, digested slowly, and they were the culprit behind my stinky breath yesterday. I prefer spinach than peas anyway, so have no problem with letting peas go. I will leave peas in peace!

It is very interesting for me to read the observations of other people doing this trial at this thread. Very interesting indead! THANK YOU all for sharing.

As far as the excess fat loss, I've been wondering whether it is the case of "slow and steady wins the race" here?

Day 21 (4 April):
black Muscatel grapes, plums, mixed gourmet salad (at a uni bar), dates.

Fat intake: olive oil (no idea how much was in that salad, maybe 2 tablespoons???).

Day 22 (5 April):
red Globe grapes, carrot, kim-chi (I washed the spices off, but it was still strong), raspberry-blueberry-banana smoothie, persimmons yay!

Fat intake: very limited amount of overt fats on the kim-chi perhaps? (not sure if any)

I went to a market and found persimmons for $3.50 a kilo, amazing! I usually can get for like $2 a piece. I loaded up the trolley, marvelling at my luck.

Day 23 (6 April):
watermelon, spinach (mono these days), persimmons, kim-chi (my last time ever, read below), watermelon, persimmons (still can't believe my lack!).

Fat intake: very limited amount of overt fats on the kim-chi perhaps? (not sure if any)

Observations: I realized that my salt addiction is behind my desire for kim-chi. I had some salt in the mixed gourmet salad two days ago, then wanted something salty the following today. I'm glad I realized this. No more. I felt like spewing after having kim-chi this time. Yuck.

Day 24 (7 April):
strawberries, raspberries (from our garden), persimmons, watermelon, pistachios (1/2 cup, salted non-raw), banana-raspberry-strawberry smoothie.

Fat intake: pistachios are not low-fat.

Observations: My salt addiction came out again. As wise people say, it is important how you get up after a fall. I am going to beat this. My face is spotty all over. My body did not like the kim-chi.

Thoughts: Talking to my friends helps me. Especially, talking about my wobbly bits! Thanks Janita (!

Day 25 (8 April):
watermelon, spinach, strawberries, raspberry-banana smoothie (raspberries from our garden yay!), watermelon, grapes.

Fat intake: no overt fats.

Observations: By cooked-food standards I am slim. I do get guys staring at me at the pool, or trying to flirt with me, so I probably do not look that bad.
Luke tells my I'm gorgeous (but I am suspicious of that, what is his motivation? ha ha!). By raw-food standards, I have a little bit of excess fat on my body, and I do have a slightly sagging skin in various places as well. Not much, just a little, but enough to tell me that I haven't detoxed completely.

Emotions: sometimes upset (about getting old, or anything really, any reason will do), but carrying on. Thankfully, my skin is clearing. Spotty skin, sagging skin, getting old, waaa, that wasn't a nice place to be. I am going strong. Both Luke and I are now determined to finally break through. We both have had enough of our stagnation in our raw journey.

Exercise: Finally a breakthrough. I got off my bum and did a few laps at the pool. The determination to move was born. Yay! More to come.

Day 26 (9 April):
raspberry-blueberry-banana smoothie, black Muscatel grapes, persimmons, spinach, watermelon.

Fat intake: no overt fats.

Day 27 (10 April):
watermelon, blueberry-banana smoothie, spinach, 4 mouthfulls of sushi my kids were having, persimmons, watermelon.

Fat intake: overt fats - 1 small slice of avocado and 1 teaspoon of tahini in the sushi.

Day 28 (11 April):
I am hungry!!!

watermelon, red globe grapes, gourmet dinner - tomato soup (blended tomatoes ha ha) and sushi (with sprouts, lettuce, capsicum, avocado), dates, persimmons.

Fat intake: overt fats - 1/2 small avocado.

Today was a hard emotionally day. I felt very week. I treated myself to some gourmet (by my standards) meal. I enjoyed it. Nevertheless, as it always happens, nonsweet vegies did not fulfill me quite. Persimmons did.

Day 29 (12 April):
watermelon, mixed gourmet salad, black Muscatel grapes.

Fat intake: unknown amount of olive oil in the salad.

Day 30 (12 April):
watermelon, persimmons, black Muscatel grapes, ....

Fat intake: no overt fats.


Total fat intake and the corresponding calories estimates:
2 teaspoons of coconut butter - 123 cal from fat
14 tablespoons of tahini - 1002 cal from fat

1 and 1/6 avocado - 490 cal from fat
1/2  cup (unshelled) pistachio nuts - 125 cal from fat
1/2 cup olive oil - 972 cal from fat
TOTALS TO: 2712 cal from overt fats over 30 days.

Assuming that I consume 1800 cal per day, 30*1800 = 54000 cal. Since 2712 of these are overt fats, the rest is 54000 - 2712 = 51288 cal. 5% of that is 0.05*51288 = 2564 cal from fat (as fruit and vegies have 5% from fat on average). Hence, total cal from fat is 
27122564 = 5276 cal. What percentage of 54000 is that? (5276/54000)*100 = 9.8 %.

During the 30-day trial period my diet was indeed low-fat.

Other observations
  • My weight before the trial: 49 kg, after the trial: 48kg. I have observed some but not a dramatic loss in the excess fat. (I do not desire a weight loss.) I have had days when I felt really bad about my body and face.
  • My skin is not completely clear. This could be partly due to detox, and partly to me eating less than optimal foods such as kim-chi and gourmet salad (with olive oil in it).
  • I have not exercised on daily basis, or too vigorously. Nevertheless, I managed to overcome my mental block against swimming, for example. There is a lot to be done in this area yet.
  • I have been fighting my salt addiction. So far, I have not got over it yet.
  • I stayed raw, with the exception of pistachio nuts.
  • I did not experience cooked food cravings until I had some added salt (in a gourmet salad), after which I had some pretty rough days.
  • Overall, I would like to see more dramatic improvements than I have.


Someone said

"If you do what you always have done, you will get what you always have got".

Wise words, and I am going to apply this wisdom. How? I am going to make some changes! See you soon.

 - Trial Phase 2
(see the thread at rawfoodsupport forum)

The 30-day trial was an awesome experience. I do not want to stop now. I really do want to transform myself. Do you too? If yes, then please join me!

The method:
* high-fruit low-fat diet
- this is something I've tried in the 30-day trial. I observed some but not too dramatic imrpovements. Something tells me that it is worthwile to do it for a little longer.
* exercise
- I have to get of my bum. I discovered wobbly bits on my body, here and there. I want them to go. After buying some fitness magazine and seeing transformational photos of ladies who eat crap but exercise and look better than me, I decided that exercise does matter. So, I decided that I have to do something about it.

Other than the above, I cannot think of any other rules to follow. The diet and getting of my bum at the same time seems a lot already ha ha!

Please join me, and we will transform ourselves together!

One thing: Take photos of you now, so that there is something to compare with.

OK, I hope I will stick to the plan. Now that I announced it, I will have to follow it through lol!

Why 12 weeks? Because this seems long enough to really transform oneself.

week 1:
Starting tomorrow, 17 April 2007!

Hooray! Let's get transformed ha ha!

I am going to report the food and exercise on weekly, rather than daily basis, in order to condense my posts a bit. And, I would love to participate in sharing and learning from each other.

This week I am going to make an effort to actually do some exercise and perhaps even get to some form of routine. The first small step.

Please please do take photos. I did a few days ago and haven't changes since then, so I will use them. I am not going to show them just yet. I am not really keen on sharing them he he. But, if by some lucky chance (??), I really do get transformed, then I will share them then. :)


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