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Use your favourite ingredients. Make sure the filling is not watery, or sushi might become soggy. Also, when you roll them, press hard enough so that they are nice and firm, and the filling is not falling out! For example, fill the sushi with, in this order,
  • grated carot,
  • avocado slices,
  • cucumber slices,
  • tomato slices,
  • cut up greens.
Put the filling about an inch away from the edge and roll, holding firmly and pressing as you roll. Use a pastry brush to "glue" sushi with some water. 

Dinner: stuffed mushrooms (basil and nuts), sushi (filled with a salad without a dressing), fruit jelly (fruit blended with psyllium husks).
But, I do not eat like that every day. The one above was a weekend fun. Usually, it is just a salad. I like to have some dessert in the fridge, ready for when I feel like having it. For example, a fruit jelly on a crust made from nuts and dates.

Cauliflower sushi:
Spoon up blended

  • cauliflower
on sushi sheets, followeed by chopped up
  • avocado,
  • tomato,
  • cucumber,
  • mushroom,
  • lots of lettuce.
Raw and roll!

Use parsnip in place of cauliflower, or tahini in place of avocado. My daughter prefer sushi with lettuce as a base, topped up by tomato and cucumber only (you need to brush such sushi with some water so they soften up, as there is not enough water in the mix). I am not suprised, as these are the most optimal ingredients!

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