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Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow.
(Swedish proverb)
Only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty.
(Sicilian proverb)
Your friend is that man who knows all about you, and still likes you.
(Elbert Hubbard)
You can always tell a real friend; when you've made a fool of yourself he doesn't feel you've done a permanent job.
(Laurence J. Peter)
Friends are family you choose for yourself.

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Tuesday, 6th July 2004
I think I should avoid reading all that negative stuff about veganism or raw foodism. Each time I read that, it only inspires me to eat junk food. Not that I proceed with the idea. Still, it pollutes my brain, I call it brain-washing. I'd rather make up my mind myself. Lesson learned. Do not repeat the mistake, or be crazy (according to one definition of it).
Now, to the topic of pimples. I hate them, of course. At the same time, having them or not are the sign of whether what I was eating was healthy or not. I made some personal observations here. For example, cheese definitely gives me pimples (which only inspires me towards veganism, of course). Surprisingly, (baked) bread does too. The later discovery is something I did not expect. A few days ago, I came home late, tired, and thought that I could get away with some quick bread-and-something snack (I run out of raw bread). I had the worst kind, yeast containing bread. My sleep was disturbed. I could feel a lump of goo going through my intestines, rubbing them in a harsh way. The next day I got pimples on my face. Now I know.
Last night my 3 and 1/2 year old daughter Julia asked for an apple, while already in bed with me. I was so happy to see her eating it away, saying "Yum". I encourage her to eat fruit. It is so cute to hear her say that fruit is good for her. Or, when she points at the picture of lollies and says that she does not like them and that they are not good for her. Julia is a very smart little girl, so it is easy to educate her. She understands that her poos are better when she eats lot of fruit. My 13 year old Odys knows that too. He also well knows that his breath has improved since introducing more fruit to his diet.
Monday, 12th July 2004
I am back on the bike (travelling between home and work by bike again). I had a break for quite a few weeks. I feel so much better. I feel alive, I feel my muscles (they haven't perished) and have more energy. I am glad to be back. I love it!
Hey, it is around my raw birthday! I went raw about 2 weeks before 3rd of August. Aww, OK, just one more week and it will be my first raw anniversary. How exciting!
Thursday, 15th of July, 2004.
This week is my reflection time. I feel that time has come for me to take a plunge. I have been into raw foods for a year now (hurray!). I learned a lot of valuable lessons. I lost some excess weight. It was not a lot, because I was not hugely overweight. Nevertheless, it was a surprise to find out that there WAS something to lose. My face looks more youthful now, it used to look very tired at times, before raw. My skin is clearer. My gums have improved (even my hygienist noticed that). I do not feel lethargic during day the way I used to feel (drinking coffees kept me going at work, but I don’t need that anymore). What else… Awww, my eyes feel clearer. I have never worn glasses, but that’s not what I mean (although I think I might be avoiding the need for glasses by going raw). Simply, I used to feel sort of a cloud in my eyes. I don’t anymore. My eyesight seems to be sharper. As far as my hair, it always used to be fine and thin. Recently, I noticed that I have a lot of baby hairs growing all over my head (from an inch to a few inches long). I also noticed some loss of hair, in amounts more that usually, for a few weeks. I wonder whether my body is getting rid of some of those hairs that have sick roots. You see, I have been suffering from cystosis on my head. I had one cyst removed from my head more than a year ago (before going raw). I was told that this was a hair root gone bad. After that I noticed another one growing. To my despair, I also observed a number of little spots, which I suspect to be little cysts-to-be. In the past, when I had that big cyst, I observed it growing larger after me having a block of chocolate all at once. Since going raw, none of the spots (neither the medium one nor any of the little ones) have grown, not even a bit. I suspect that I might have had many sick hairs on my head that my body is getting rid of. It will be at least a year, I think, before I will be able to observe the difference (when all these little baby hairs will have grown up).
So, what’s the plunge about? Well, at the beginning of my raw journey I was eating raw foods only, for weeks and weeks. More recently, I allowed myself for some cooked food experiences, regrettably those resulted in pimples. I would like to make a commitment and, for example, do not let social situations dictate me. Of course, sometimes choice of cooked food may be inevitable (when starving is the only other option). What I refer to are situations where I do have a choice. I really want to take a plunge and experience the full benefits of the new lifestyle. I do not want to be in transition all the time. I feel that it is only the beginning of the journey for me. Will I experience some serious detox? I have nearly lost all I can, but there are still little bulges of fat on some spots of my body, which contain the toxins that I did not get rid off as yet. In the detox part of the raw journey, people usually lose a lot of fat (with all the toxins in it) and perhaps become a little under-weight, before regaining some weight and re-building a healthy raw body. OK, good night.

Monday, 19th of July, 2004.
I read a great story at this fantastic new website. I needed that. All those negative stories have planted in me a grain of doubt and affected my motivation. I know that being raw for one year only is not long enough for me to experience all the wonderful results. I have not gone through any serious detox yet and I can see that my body is not there yet. And, I still succomb to social situations. That is a really great story and has motivated me immensly. What a good kick for my first raw birthday! Hurray !!!
I got a virtual raw cake for my first raw birthday from my friend Bremmie and had a small virtual party too. That was so sweet.
Tuesday, 19th of July, 2004.
On Sunday, I had my hair cut! Quite short. Can't tie it anymore. I am growing it long, straight away! I do feel much better, I could not stand anymore these long thin ends. I am loooking forward to baby hairs growing longer. Will my hair transform like my body did (and still is). Yes, there are moments that I feel like an allien, all these strange things happening to me, softer skin, x-ray vision and extra hairs! What's next? (Yes, please)


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