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A fortnight with fruit

I love fruit.
Sweet, juicy fruit is my ideal food.
I want to indulge myself and have fruit only for a while.
I am going to record what I eat in detail for a fortnight.
Would like to join me?
Feel free to join me at any time of the year.
You may have noticed that I am eating primarily sweet fruit and eat them mono. Why do I do this? Well, I find sweet fruit most satisfying, and mono eating the easiest way to eat and digest fruit.
(If you would like to talk to me, I visit Nora's forum on daily basis.
Note that this is a forum created for educational purposes, as stated there.
This is not my private message board.)

1st March, 2006

Yesterday, Julia demanded cooked rice in the evening (and I obliged). Later, she said that she was still hungry, and opted for delicious, ripe, sweet mango. That did the trick. We discussed how eating rice did not fill her up, and how eating mango did. I had similar experiences to Julia in the past, with cooked food leaving me unsatisfied and wanting fruit.

about 8am: a glass of orange juice.
about 10am: one rock-melon.

I ran out of sweet, juicy peaches that were absolutely delicious. Luke bought some new ones, but we have to wait yet till they get ripe. In the meantime, I settled for other fruit.

about 1pm: two leftover apples; a handful of small, home-grown plums.

My tummy did not like that combination. Oh well, just another learning experience.

after 5 pm: a bunch of bananas (about 10, small ones), on the way home.
after 7pm: peaches (I found some ripe ones, hurray!)

2nd March, 2006

about 8am: a glass of orange juice.
about 9:30am: a rock-melon.
about 1:30am: 4 pears.
about 4:30: bananas (no idea how many, eating till feeling full though).
after 7pm: peaches (this is my recent favourite fruit, so sweet, mmm mmm mmm).
midnight: bananas (I got excited about some things in my life, and could not sleep, eating bananas helped)

3rd March, 2006
How are you doing today?

My appettite seems to have increased. Nevertheless, I do not feel like I am starving at all, contrary to what I used to think about fruit when I was cooked. Then, I thought that eating fruit only was akin to fasting. These days, I find fruit quite filling.

about 8am: a glass of orange juice.
about 9:30am: a rock-melon.
1:30pm: apples
after 5 pm: watermelon
later in the evening: peaches

I noticed some breakouts on my face. I think that my body might be getting rid of some excess fat.

4th March, 2006
I've been busy making recipes and preparing food for my family. Luke enjoyed my falafel rolls, I will put them up in the recipes when I have some time.

about 8am: a glass of orange juice.
about 11am: a rock-melon.
about 2:30: grapes.
after 5 pm: watermelon
later in the evening: peaches

5th March, 2006
I bought a big box of mangoes at the Sunday market. Julia demands mangoes every evening, she takes them to school, and both kids have banana-mango smoothie in the morning, so we eat a lot of mangoes!

When I am busy, I do not eat as much. I've been cleaning the loungeroom all day, unpacking all the boxes and removing them. Phew, it's finally done.

about 8am: a glass of orange juice.
about 11am: a rock-melon.
about 1pm: grapes.
evening: bananas.

6th March, 2006
Well, I am enjoying this experience. I feel great, and I am so surprised at the fact that I am not starving. I thought that eating next to nothing fat (only in bananas, I guess) will leave me hungry, but no, it doesn't. Sweet, juicy fruit is very satisfying. And, I seem to be detoxing, which I consider to be a plus. Well, I do not like the look of the pimples on my face, but I accept that it is a temporarily experience.

early morning: a glass of orange juice.
morning: a rock-melon.
afternoon: peaches.
evening: bananas.

7th March, 2006

early morning: a glass of orange juice.
morning: a rock-melon.

I need to clarify that when I, for example, say "afternoon: peaches", I mean that I eat as many as I want until I feel full. This can easily take more than half an hour, and often is in the form of so called sequential-eating. That is, I eat several (peaches), then stop, then after a while I might decide that I want some more, and eat several more (peaches, that is). So, in essence this means quite a bit of food!

afternoon: peaches.
evening: grapes.

Now, a gentle warning: if you do not want to hear about bowel movements, just skip this paragraph. To my surprise, I observed that my stools this evening were sinking to the bottom of the toilet (usually, on a raw food diet, they float nicely, as they should). I wondered, why would I experience this after eating only fruit for a few days?? Then, I realized that I must be cleansing! All these cooked food divergences that we had while moving houses are coming out! I also observed that these little rolls of fat that I have around my tummy area have been shrinking. My whole body is becoming leaner. Oh well, I can't complain about that!

8th March, 2006
How are you today? Have you observed any positive changes as yet? Have you made any unexpected discoveries? I hope that you enjoy the experience as much as I do.

early morning: a glass of orange juice.

morning: a rock-melon.
afternoon: peaches.
evening: tomatos cut up with a few slices of avocado.

9th March, 2006

early morning: a glass of orange juice.

morning: watermelon.
afternoon: peaches.
later in the afternoon: grapes.
evening: zuccini pasta with cut up tomatos and a few slices of avocado.

As I made myself zuccini nooddles with tomatoes and avocado, Julia approached me and asked what I was eating. She decided that it was yummy and ended up eating my food! Well, no problem, I easily made some more. Anyway, I am happy that Julia is making her own healthy choices. And, although she is not all-raw, she is quite high-raw, and I prefer that, than forcing her to something she would end up hating. Phew!

later in the evening: bananas.

Well, non-sweet fruit did not fill me up. Mmm, I enjoed the sweetness of bananas. This did the trick for my tummy.

10th March, 2006

early morning: a glass of orange juice.
morning: rock-melon.
afternoon: peaches.
evening: grapes.

11th March, 2006

early morning: banana and mango smoothie.
afternoon: peaches.
evening: watermelon.

12th March, 2006
I could not sleep last night. I am such an emotional person. When I get excited about something, I can't sleep! Anyway, I decided to try the (raw) fallafel roll, the recipe of which I made recently. Luke was quite enjoying it, and so I was looking forward to trying it some time. I decided to do it last night, hoping that it might help me fall asleep, but it didn't! Nevertheless, since this was not fruit, I decided to finish my fruit only (nearly) fortnight here. However, I shall mention that following my consumption of only one fallafel roll, I did not feel like eating anything until the afternoon. I had some strawberries, and later on, watermelon. I felt dehydrated, and I felt that fallafel was too heavy food for me.

My nearly two-week experience with fruit confirmed to me that eating fruit only can be very satisfying. The hardest part of this experiement was recording what I was eating lol! Sweet and juicy fruit leaves me feeling full and hydrated. I feel better than before two weeks, and I certainly did experience some cleansing. Interestingly, I did not have cooked food cravings, unlike when I was eating dehydrated foods, or used salt in the past. I am not scared of eating fruit only anymore. Phew! I look forward to more fruit munching.

24th March, 2006
Recently, I discovered that Julia, who went to school for the first time, has been eating other kids' food
. The give-away sign was her smelly breath and coughing. Anyway, I decided to buy bread for her hoping that she would stop her new habbit. But, her breath got worse. Also, both Luke and I tried some bread, and hated the way we felt afterwards. Anyway, I reverted my decision, and stopped buying bread. Julia's breath is nice and fresh now, and she is very happy to eat the fruit and raw lunch that I prepare for her. Phew! (She still likes to eat a little bit of rice in the evening.)

I continue feeling great. Luke told me that I do look better. I do not have cooked food cravings.

In the recent days I have been eating fruit all day and lettuce wraps in the evening.

I am planning to the fortnight with fruit again, some time soon, and you, dear reader are most welcome to join in. I met someone on Alissa's board who wants to do it too, so we will do it together (in the appropriate section on there). It's great to have a buddy! I had one in the previous experience. She went through some deep cleansing, quite deep indeed. This helped me realize that eating lost of fruit really does speed up the detox.

Did you experience this too?:

I find that when I challenging myself and attempt not to eat bad foods, then the little devil in my head gets frustrated and purposely thinks of some junk foods that she wants to eat. If I CAN"T have something, then the little devil really wants it.

Recently, in my experiment with eating fruit for (about) a fortnight, I did not really challenge myself. I simply wanted to indulge myself and eat what I love (fruit). And, it was easy! No cravings at all. Then, I made this raw recipe, fallafel rolls, which Luke enjoyed so much. I thought: "Hmm, it would be nice to try them some time perhaps, but not now, I am in the fortnight with fruit now". This exact moment my little devil woken up, and started whispering in my ear: "Have one now!". Ridiculous, I thought, I was being tempted by RAW food!

Oh well, I realize now that when I tell myself "I can't have this or that", a struggle is born. So, I want to avoid the struggle in the first place. The use of words in my thoughts is crucial. Instead of using words such as "deprive", "can't", or even "challenge", I'd rather use "indulge", "enjoy". When I do this, my little devil is fast asleep.


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