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Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow.
(Swedish proverb)
Only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty.
(Sicilian proverb)
Your friend is that man who knows all about you, and still likes you.
(Elbert Hubbard)
You can always tell a real friend; when you've made a fool of yourself he doesn't feel you've done a permanent job.
(Laurence J. Peter)
Friends are family you choose for yourself.

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7th Januray 2008
I am reading "Quantum eating" by Tonya Zavasta. During about the first hundred pages, I was getting increasingly dissapointed, because I longed for some new useful information, not the stuff that I already knew. However, I got what I wanted in the end! :) I skipped through the book to check it out first. I am now reading it slowly, picking the pieces that interest me. There were not too many things that I haven't heard of already, however quite a few of these that I did know, I have been neglecting. So, it is good for me to remind myself about these various topics again. And, I like reading about them from a different perspective too. Not that I agree with everything ha ha (my independent nature calls). Nevertheless, I did get two things that I wanted from this book: interesting information, and inspiration. Good investment I say. I would classify this book as a good book for these who have played with raw foods for a good while and would like to spread their wings a little bit more.

I have started the experiment with face brushing. The results are supposed to show in about 3-4 weeks, so let me see how this will work on me (likely photos to follow). Furthermore,
for a while now  I have been aware of the overeating issue, but haven't done anything about it, until now. I started practising eating when I am really really hungry (instead of me grazing whenever I felt like it so far), and so my first meal is not before 12 noon. This is something Nora Lenz had been recommending quite a while ago, and others have been mentioning as very beneficial too. So, now is my turn to test it out.

Monoeating is still my preference, as is sweet juicy fruit.

I feel good. All the goodness to you too!

Awww, and I started doing some exercises to help my body get stronger and assist my recovery from my back injury. I felt so depressed not being able to move much before, I feel like coming back to life now. :)))

Oh, another addition. Just found on a t-tapp forum a few face-brushing tips:

"First of all, you should use a plant fiber face brush.
You brush up on the neck and then on the face, you brush up and out:
Jawline - brush out in circular motions towards ear.
Cheekbones - brush out in circular motions towards ear.
Forehead - start in middle of forehead and brush out on each side towards temple.
Nose - small circular movements over the nose.
Under eyes - tiny, light circular motions from outer eye in towards the nose (NOT out towards ear)." (link)

"Now when I brush my neck and jawline, I do the neck 2 movements Theresa does in PBS (ear toward shoulder and chin pointing behind you). Just hold the movement and brush the side that's being stretched (the opposite of the side you're moving toward). I've noticed a huge change in about 2 weeks." (link)

8th Januray 2008
January is such a month of indulgence. There is so many fruit to choose from, every one I try more tempting than the previous. It all started with mangoes, which I find irresistable. But wait, the peaches came and became my favourite fruit instead, white peaches, sweet, soft, the juice leaking on my face as I eat them, a magic taste that I cannot describe. Then there is the watermelon, I take it when we go to the pool and gorge myself on it after sauna, with endless desire. The apricots on our apricot tree  are beginning to ripen, promising a taste of paradise, like last year. And, I had the best meal ever, picking and eating the nectarines straight off the tree, until full. Now, I do feel like in paradise. Every visit to the grocery is like a kid visiting a toy shop full of goodies. Colours, smells, so many choices.

What sort of exercises did I start doing? Well, I did not plan anything, I just let my body instinctively start moving, and it started doing squats, push-ups, chin-ups, pull-ups, leg raises (while lying on my side and on my belly), and various stretching positions as well. I just feel like I want to move, so I do! :)

(This photo was taken at the big green gathering festival in England, UK 2007 by Azura Skye. The whole festival was powered by the wind, sun and the people.)

23rd January 2008
Do I re-examine raw foodism idea? Absolutely! Raw veganism? Yes! When I think about this, the most answers to various questions that I have is "I don't know". I have doubts and questions about many concepts, ideas, or claims, quite frequently. Raw foodism is not a religion, but a diet. My ultimate source of knowledge about my body is my body, and my instincts that I learn to observe. Do I experience a perfect health and beauty due to my lifestyle choices? You are asking a perfectionist ha ha! I can easily find countless faults in me, there is ALWAYS something that can be improved. Nevertheless, when I try to be objective, I can say that I feel much much better on raw than not. However, this has been a never-ending journey, there has not been a place or moment at which I could say, that's it, I've done it. Instead, I've been always choosing to move from wherever I've been so far. I do not claim that I know it all, or ever will. I just live and do what's right now.

24th January 2008
About dreams. I can't figure out why I keep having this type of dreams, where I am a healer or some kind of super-person. Like the recent one, in which I was flying in some hall, dressed in a golden dress, then flew to a hospital and started putting my hands above sick people, radiating some rays out of my hands, making them better. Then, I said that I wanted to go to some "burnt boy". I found him and performed the healing, hovering above him, with his back towards me. He got better, turned his head towards me and I realized this was the boy's granddad, sitting at the boy's bed. Then I saw the burnt boy, his body burnt beyond recognition, dead. For a moment I thought that's it, I can't do anything. I was so sad. But then, I put my hands above him, and he came back. I felt so happy. :)))

25th Januray 2008
What's up? Yesterday I got the cream and face-brush that I ordered from Tonya. I've been experimenting with skin brushing since I got her book, not every day though. The brush that I've been using, made from unidentified natural material proved to be rougher than the one I got from Tonya, which is made from horse hair. The cream feels OK. So, I am starting my experiment with regular face brushing. So far, I observed that brushing my face seems to stimulate my skin, and lots of little spots came out plus a pimple on my chin, which cleared up by now. Also, I noticed some feeling of tightness. My skin is far from perfect though (see my most recent photo in December 2007 journal entry).
I'd say I look pretty good for a 44-year old, but for a 44-year-old rawie, I look a bit worn-out. There is a reason for this. As you may recall, my low back injury back in May last year resulted in me taking painkillers. These are very toxic, they drained water and life energy from me. I did not like seeing my photographs for months, I looked so sick and tired. I finally stopped taking the painkillers, as their side effects were just too much to bare. I now feel that there is some life in me and the glow in my face is coming back.

So, it will be interesting to observe whether face brushing will bring some significant benefits, as claimed. I should take some more recent before photo, shouldn't I? I will, I will. Apart from skin brushing, I also started paying far more attention to my hunger, and eat when really hungry. This means that, for example, my first meal is NOT the first thing in the morning. The recent pattern seems to be three meals a day: two mono-fruit meals and one fatty meal (such as dehydrated pizza or young coconuts, or lettuce wraps). I still have a tendency to have one foot in the cooked food diet, either intelectually or physically, so working on this is another aspect of my DE-AGING EXPERIMENT.  Hooray (aren't I excitable)!


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